2019 Summer League Starts Now

2019 Summer League Starts Now

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Summer League is here!  

Hi Parents and Junior Bowlers…

Trophies for winter season came in this week on Tuesday.  This Saturday, June 1st is the start of Summer Season.  League meeting will start at 9:20am.  These are the teams we have as of now:


If you’re not on a team, don’t worry… we’ll get you on one.  Each team (3 bowlers per team) is required to have at least 1 Elite bowler and 1 Junior. 


Jewel City Juniors Playoff Results

Congrats to Daniel Fritz (Elites) & Aaron Calica (Juniors) for winning the inaugural Jewel City Juniors Playoffs. Each will each receive a $100 gift certificate to Up Your Alley Pro shop.

Second place finishers Andrew Ramirez (Elites) & Nate Pfenninger (Juniors) will each receive a $50 Gift certificate to Up Your Alley Pro Shop.


Jewel City Juniors

  • Champion:  Aaron Calica
  • 2nd Place:  Nate Pfenninger
  • 3rd Place:  Andrew Olango
  • 4th Place:  Adreian Olango


Jewel City Elite

  • Champion:  Daniel Fritz
  • 2nd Place:  Andrew Ramirez
  • 3rd Place:  Pamela Faller
  • 4th Place:  Sean Kim

Great bowling everyone!!  See you all this Saturday…

Any questions, feel free to reach out…

Coach UBuild Lenon

PS.  We are collecting State Tournament dues this weekend as well.  State Tournament fees are due on June 15th.

2018 Jewel City Junior Playoffs

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