Frequently Asked Questions

How much is league fees?
Ans. $12. If you're absent, you still need to pay $12 for any missed weeks.
How much are Sanction Fees?
All of our leagues is a sanctioned with USBC. For more info visit: http://nlacbowling.com/usbc-membership/ Standard USBC Youth Membership: $10
 (National Processing Fee: $4 + Local Processing Fee: $5.50 + State Fee: $.50)
 * Upgrade to Junior Gold U12 Division: Additional $10
 * Upgrade to Junior Gold U15/U20 Division: Additional $30 Special Olympic: $16
 (National Processing Fee: $10 + Local Processing Fee: $5.50 + State Fee: $.50)
How do I order a uniform?
Ans. You can click on the "Uniforms" tab on the menu and fill out the form or CLICK HERE to order.
How much are uniforms?
Ans. $40 for the yellow uniforms. If you are planning on participating for any of our local or state tournaments, you will need to wear our yellow uniforms. For winter league, uniforms is mandatory or you will be fined $1 every week for not wearing a Jewel City Junior approved uniform. You can also buy our Jewel City Junior approved T-Shirts.
How long will it take to get my uniform?
Ans. It will take 4-5 weeks. I know, that's a long time... please be patient. If you would like to check up on the order, you can contact Ronnel at [email protected] from Down Lane Clothing.
Why join USBC?

By joining USBC, you will become a part of a family of almost 1.5 million members with access to the most exclusive offers, tournaments and opportunities available to bowlers throughout the United States. Click here to see what bowling in a certified league means to the sport.

Please click the button below to Join or Renew your USBC Membership. 

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At USBC, there are many benefits to being a member:

  • YOUR CERTIFIED AVERAGE. Your USBC average is nationally recognized and tracked. As your certified average is updated, you can track it with our league standing sheets or 'Find A Member' functions on BOWL.com. The Find A Member function on BOWL.com is a members-only section and does require a login. Please click here to create your login if you do not already have one.

  • NATIONALLY-RECOGNIZED RULES. USBC is the national governing body for the sport of bowling as recognized by the United States Olympic Committee. Your membership ensures that you bowl under nationally recognized rules and regulations.

  • EQUIPMENT SPECIFICATIONS AND CERTIFICATIONS. As a member, the integrity of your game will never change. USBC ensures all bowling balls, pins, lane surfaces, oils, cleaners and more are inspected and certified, ensuring a fair and competitive game for all USBC members nationwide.

  • TOURNAMENTS. Your certified average is your ticket to local, state and national bowling tournaments! No matter your skill level, USBC has a tournament for you!

  • MEMBER REWARDS. Thousands of USBC members like you are saving money on their car insurance, gym memberships, cell phones, travel and much more with our Member Rewards program!

Also, your membership will help support the following:

  • TEAM USA AND THE OLYMPIC MOVEMENT. Team USA relies on your support and represents YOU as they compete internationally and continue to push for bowling to become an Olympic sport.

  • THE SUPPORT OF CHARITABLE CAUSES. USBC and its members are proud to support several charitable outlets including Bowl for the Cure, Bowlers to Veterans Link and Special Olympics.

  • A FUTURE OF THE SPORT. With your support, USBC provides hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships to America's youth bowlers each and every season.

Bowling in a short-season league? The Adult Basic membership can be purchased through your league if so, click here for more information. Click here for a FAQ document on Adult Basic membership.

What is the Pepsi Tournament all about?
The Pepsi USBC Youth Championships is a nationwide tournament open to all USBC Youth members. Beginning with qualifying during their leagues, youth bowlers have the opportunity to advance to a state finals event and earn scholarships, where they can compete against bowlers from across their state. Last year, more than $500,000 in scholarships was awarded across the country as part of this tournament. More information can be found on the Bowl.com website -->CLICK HERE<-- Actual qualifying weeks will be announced (November 2018 and January 2019) once confirmed. To qualify for Pepsi Tournament we take the top bowlers for those weeks. The ratio for qualifying is 1:2 bowlers so make sure you bowl good that week!
What is the Registered Volunteer Program?
All of our Directors and Coaches are Certified Registered Volunteers with the USBC Registered Volunteer Program. We are NOT employees of Jewel City Bowl. We do not get paid for what we do. We are volunteers here to be of service to the local youth in our community.

For more info visit: https://bowl.com/rvp/

USBC implemented a background screening program to help ensure a safe environment for USBC youth members. The Registered Volunteer Program (RVP) ensures parents that bowling is doing everything it can (within reason) to provide a safe environment for USBC youth.

Enroll or Renew in the Registered Volunteer Program


With a task as critical as protecting the safety of USBC Youth, having the most thorough and accurate information is of paramount importance. Below, you will find more information on the Registered Volunteer Program, including information on rules and policies, codes of conduct and the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Rules and Policies
Code of Conduct
Fair Credit Reporting Act
Learn more about NCYS
Learn more about NCSI


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