Goodwill Donation Drive

5th Annual Jewel City Junior Bowlers Goodwill Donation Drive

Donate your JUNK to a Good Cause!  All proceeds go to our Jewel City Junior Bowlers Youth Program.  Every cent will help pay for tournament fees, buses, etc. to this year's 2019 State Tournament up north in Oroville, CA (roughly 7+ hours away).  To receive your 3 Free Games, please fill out this short form below...

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Terms & Conditions:

  • Donate at least a bag full of “Acceptable” items to get 3 free games at Jewel City Bowl in Glendale, CA (see Goodwill’s Donation Drive Guidelines)
  • Drop off time is Saturday, April 27th from 8am-11am
  • You must fill out the short form above to receive your 3 free games.  Your name will be added to “Our Sponsors” page found on this website (optional)
  • You must ask to be put on the Free Game list at the event when you drop off your items.
  • To claim your 3 Free Games, simply provide a valid ID at the desk next time you come in to bowl.  Your name on file will need to match a valid ID
  • 3 Games max per person
  • Games expire on January 1st, 2020
  • Donation Receipts available upon request

Any questions or suggestions regarding this Goodwill Donation Drive, please contact me directly:  UBuild Lenon - Email:  [email protected]


2019 Goodwill Donation Drive Flyer
2019 Goodwill Donation Drive Flyer