2020 Pepsi Tournament Qualifiers

2020 Pepsi Tournament Qualifiers

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Here are the 1st and 2nd Round qualifiers for 2020 Pepsi Tournament.  Congratulations and great bowling!  If you didn't make it, don't worry.  Keep your head up high!  Stay determined, and keep practicing. #MambaMentality... (RIP Kobe and those with him in that crash 😔)  If a qualifier cannot make it, there's still a chance you can participate.

For those that are going, entry fees are due this Saturday, February 1st.  $30 for those that are 12 years old and over, $26 for 11 and under.

Here are the rules of the Tournament.  PLEASE READ THEM... This is a mandatory requirement.


District Finals will be on March 21, 2020 at
Santa Clarita Lanes
Address: 21615 Soledad Canyon Rd, Saugus, CA 91350
* Most families wanted to bowl on Saturday and 3:30pm was the time slot they gave us. Date and Time for Pepsi State Finals will be determined (depends on how well you bowl at District Finals)... but will be on either May 2nd or 3rd.

1st Round Qualifiers

League: Jewel City Juniors
U10 Girls
Olivia CastanedaGoing
U12 Girls
Alexandra RodriguezGoing
Janice TuchGoing
Sophia CalicaGoing
U15 Girls
Scout SilvaGoing
U20 Girls
Kelsey GriffinGoing
Cindy CentroneNot Going
Siouneh BaghdararianGoing
U10 Boys
Areg OtuzbiryanGoing
U12 Boys
Allen GonzalezGoing
William DruckerGoing
U15 Boys
Jason CastanedaGoing
Christian SahagunNot Going
Angelo GonzalezGoing
Nate Pfenninger-LindforsNot Going
U17 Boys
Bryan HongNot Going
Mikkel ByrdGoing
U20 Boys
Andrew HainNot Going
Christian HernandezNot Going
Matthew LawrenceNot Going
Christopher SamahaNot Going
David KimNot Going
League: Junior Elite
Pamela FallerGoing
U20 Girls
Lorna RoyGoing
U12 Boys
Zane PiperGoing
Ryan CantosGoing
U15 Boys
Arron CalicaGoing
Andrew OlangoNot Going
Sean SinorGoing
U17 Boys
Ben DinenbergGoing
Jeremy TuazonGoing
U20 Boys
Moises ConejoGoing
Dakota DegraciaGoing
Daniel FritzGoing
Andrew RamirezGoing
Eric SchukstaGoing
Geovanny VillaobosGoing

Round 2 Qualifiers

League: Jewel City Juniors
U12 Girls
Jenesis BorilloGoing
U10 Boys
Aaron OlangoGoing
U12 Boys
Enzo ZakariGoing
U15 Boys
Gabriel RamirezGoing
U20 Boys
Marco VartanianNot Going
Tony ShaheenNot Going
Daniel AranaNot Going
Kevin HandGoing
League: Junior Elite
U15 Boys
William FranciscoGoing
U17 Boys
Antonio RodriquezGoing
U20 Boys
Anand GurujiGoing
Zachory SinorGoing
Sean KimNot Going
Jesus LopezNot Going
Alfred GalindoGoing

Any questions, feel free to contact me at [email protected].

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