Jewel City Bowl

For over half a century, Back Alley Bowling centers have been encouraging youth to be physically active and team oriented in our sporting programs. Our programs provide access to professional coaching and multiple levels of competitive and recreational bowling. We host the Junior Special Olympics program and provide personalized guidance to every child with special needs. Competitive bowling programs provide much needed social skills and exercise that can be lacking in today’s electronically tethered youth.

Every year, we organize trips to local and statewide tournaments. Our kids compete on every level and some have qualified for national exposure as champions in their respective categories. Unlike other sporting programs we strive to keep costs to a minimum and encourage economy over largesse when outfitting the kids. Our centers cover the costs of most of the practice meets, supervision, coaching, and gear. Even with these efforts, travel and tournament costs are significant and rise every year.

Your contribution will help our kids meet their full potential and foster their development on many levels. We are seeking sponsors or donations and would appreciate any assistance you can provide. Our junior programs are organized under a 501(c)(3) program and are sanctioned with the United States Bowling Congress organization so your donation may be tax deductible.(TIN: 352271133)

Thank you for your consideration.

Directors and Coaches

All of our Coaches and Directors are part of The USBC Registered Volunteer Program.

  • Steve Diartolomeo - Director
  • UBuild Lenon - Assistant Director & Head Coach
  • JoAnn McIntyre - Assistant Director
  • Steven Fogel - Silver Level Coach*
  • Marvyn Galsim Jr. - Assistant Director & Coach
  • Robert Harman - Coach
  • Romeo Borillo - Coach
  • Kimberly Fortier - Assistant Director
  • Ariel Rodriguez - Assistant Coach
  • Gary Payne - Assistant Coach

About The USBC Coaching Certification Program

Registered Volunteer Program


With a task as critical as protecting the safety of USBC Youth, having the most thorough and accurate information is of paramount importance. Below, you will find more information on the Registered Volunteer Program, including information on rules and policies, codes of conduct and the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Rules and Policies
Code of Conduct