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2019 State Tournament is HERE!

24 0 25 Jul 2019

Hi Parents and Junior Bowlers!

State Tournament is Here!  For those not participating, there is a bye.  For those that were planning on bowling our end of the month Scholarship Tournament at Jewel City, it’s been moved to Aug 4th at Jewel City.

Keynotes for State Tournament participants:

  • Meeting time is at 8am at Jewel City Bowl, bus leaves at 9am sharp!
  • No parking is allowed in the parking lot.  You’ll need to find street parking.
  • All junior bowlers are required to were the yellow Jewel City Bowl uniforms.  (if you don’t have one, black collar shirt with dark bottoms.
  • No glass bottles on the bus
  • We have a 10pm curfew.  All junior bowlers will need to be in their hotel room by 10pm
  • Check-in:  Once we get there, we (the directors of the program) will get all the room keys then we will pass them out to all the parents.
  • Coaches Relief Tournament is open to parents as well.  For more info click here
  • Those participating in the Kings and Queens or the Coaches Relief Tournament will probably miss the pizza party at Shaky’s.  The Tournament will start shortly after Team Event on Saturday.  After Team Event on Saturday, the buses will take the group to Shaky’s Pizza.
  • All Junior Bowlers will HAVE TO RIDE on the bus FROM THE HOTEL TO THE BOWLING ALLEY
  • Junior Bowlers, please don’t forget Lane Courtesy.  Parents, please remind your kids.
  • Any questions, you can call or text me at (213) 210-7341.

Here’s our itinerary for State Tournament:

8:00am – Meet at Jewel City Bowl / Load Bus / Head Count (since we’re leaving Friday morning, you can not park in the parking lot. You’ll need to get dropped off or find street parking.)
9:00am – Bus leaving to Holiday Inn Express
11:00am – Rest Stop #1 – 15 mins
1:00pm – Rest Stop #2 – 45 mins Lunch
4:00pm – Rest Stop #3 – 15 mins
6:00-7:00pm – Arrive at Hotel
2:00pm – Leave Holiday Inn Express to Tyme to Bowl Lanes
2:30pm – Check In / Pictures
3:30pm – Team Event Starts
7:00pm – King’s & Queens and Coaches Relief Tournament (Optional) – Bus #1 Staying with Bowlers bowling in the tournament
7:00pm – Bus #2 Dinner at Shakey’s Pizza then back to Holiday Inn Express after party.  Note:  Bowers bowling the Kings & Queens Tournament or the Coaches Relief Tournament will more than likely miss the pizza party.
10:00pm – Bus #1 going back to Holiday Inn Express
10:00am – Load Bus (not going back to Holiday Inn Express after tournament)
11:00am – Leave Holiday Inn Express to Tyme to Bowl Lanes
11:30am – Check In
12:30pm – Doubles/Singles Event Starts
3:30pm – Load Bus / Lunch
4:00pm – 4:30pm – Leave Orville to Jewel City Bowl
6:00pm – Rest Stop #1 – 30-45 mins (dinner?) or just do 20 mins
8:30pm – Rest Stop #2 – 15 mins
10:30pm – Rest Stop #3 – 15 mins
12:00am – Arrive at Jewel City Bowl
This will be an action packed weekend… Let’s have fun but more importantly, let’s be safe!!!  We’re group, so watch over each other!  See you guys soon…
Coach UBuild Lenon
(213) 210-7341

2019 Summer League

81 0 02 Jun 2019

Welcome to the 2019 Summer League!

I would like to personally welcome everyone to the 2019 Summer League at Jewel City Bowl in Glendale, CA.  Here is a copy of the League rules.  Parents, please go over them with your child.  This is a short season (10 weeks) and the only 2 byes we have are on 7/6/19 (4th of July weekend) and 7/27/19 (State Tournament weekend).  All league updates will be posted on www.jewelcityjuniors.com, emailed out and posted in our Facebook Private Group.  Here's the link:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/JewelCityJuniors/ request to join and one of our FB admins will approve you.

If you plan on missing a week, please post in our FB Group, email me, or call the bowling alley.  If you miss three (3) weeks in a row without proper notification, you WILL be dropped.

You will need to "whitelist" my email to ensure emails are delivered to your inbox.  Every service provider is different and not doing this may result in undelivered emails or our emails ending up in your SPAM folder.

We will be filling out sanction cards this week.  See you all soon!  And congratulations to all those graduating!

Coach UBuild Lenon

2019 Summer League Starts Now

79 0 31 May 2019

Summer League is here!  

Hi Parents and Junior Bowlers…

Trophies for winter season came in this week on Tuesday.  This Saturday, June 1st is the start of Summer Season.  League meeting will start at 9:20am.  These are the teams we have as of now:


If you’re not on a team, don’t worry… we’ll get you on one.  Each team (3 bowlers per team) is required to have at least 1 Elite bowler and 1 Junior. 


Jewel City Juniors Playoff Results

Congrats to Daniel Fritz (Elites) & Aaron Calica (Juniors) for winning the inaugural Jewel City Juniors Playoffs. Each will each receive a $100 gift certificate to Up Your Alley Pro shop.

Second place finishers Andrew Ramirez (Elites) & Nate Pfenninger (Juniors) will each receive a $50 Gift certificate to Up Your Alley Pro Shop.


Jewel City Juniors

  • Champion:  Aaron Calica
  • 2nd Place:  Nate Pfenninger
  • 3rd Place:  Andrew Olango
  • 4th Place:  Adreian Olango


Jewel City Elite

  • Champion:  Daniel Fritz
  • 2nd Place:  Andrew Ramirez
  • 3rd Place:  Pamela Faller
  • 4th Place:  Sean Kim

Great bowling everyone!!  See you all this Saturday…

Any questions, feel free to reach out…

Coach UBuild Lenon

PS.  We are collecting State Tournament dues this weekend as well.  State Tournament fees are due on June 15th.

2018 Jewel City Junior Playoffs