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2019 Goodwill Donation Drive

149 0 17 Apr 2019

Annual Goodwill Donation Drive

Date: April 27, 2019 from 8am-11am
Location: 135 S Glendale Ave, Glendale, CA 91205, Jewel City Bowl Parking Lot

Hi Parents and Junior Bowlers…

April 27th is almost here! That means our annual fundraiser with the Goodwill on is only 2 Saturdays away! State Tournament is in July so we really need EVERYONE’S participation with this one. This is a great opportunity to get rid of all your unused items and clutter. Donate your junk to a good cause… so here’s some ideas to help promote our event:

  • Tell all your family, friends, neighbors, etc… (post on social media)
  • Check with your school and church/place of worship and ask if they will donate their Lost & Found items.
  • Pay attention to yard/garage sale signs in your neighborhood. Ask the homeowner if they would donate what they don’t sell to The Goodwill in exchange for a tax donation receipt. It’s as easy as handing the person one of our flyers, identifying yourself as a Jewel City bowler or parent & telling them about our donation drive with the Goodwill.
  • If you haven’t started your Spring Cleaning yet, NOWS A GOOD TIME! Open up that garage and closet and get rid of all your junk and clutter.
  • Hand out flyers… tell everyone, it’s for the KIDS!!

Also, please review the attached list 2019 Acceptable/Unacceptable Donation Drive:

Goodwill no longer accept the following items:

– Toys (stuffed animals, board games, puzzles etc.)
– Holiday items (trees, garland, decorations, Easter baskets etc.)
– Rugs, Vacuums & Carpet cleaning machines.
– Any electronic that is hard wired (ceiling Fans, lighting etc.)
– Computers, Printers & accessories.
– TV’s – working or not

All donation need to be in clean, sellable condition. For items on Goodwill’s unacceptable list for Donation Drives, you can still drop those items off at your local Goodwill Centers.

Remember, in order for this to be a success, we need EVERYONE to participate! Thank you everyone for helping out with this fundraiser…

Any questions or suggestions regarding this fundraiser, feel free to contact me anytime.

Coach UBuild Lenon

2019 Goodwill Donation Drive Flyer

2019 Goodwill Acceptable Items

2019 Pepsi Tournament is HERE!

202 0 22 Mar 2019

Hi Junior Bowlers and Parents,

Here’s the tournament information for this weekend.  If you’re not bowling Pepsi Tournament, we do have a bye this Saturday.


BUENA LANES, 1788 S Mesa Verde Ave,
Ventura, CA 93003,

MARCH 23 or 24, 2019 at Sat 12pm OR Sun 9am.  Please get there about an hour early to check in.

Bowlers bowling on Saturday 12pm – 3/23/19

Alan Gonzales
Alex Nehme
Alexandra Rodriguez
Anand Guruji
Andrew Ramirez
Angel Moran
Alan Gonzalez
Angelo Gonzalez
Antonio Rodriguez
Ben Dinenberg
Bryan Gonzales
Dakota Degracia
Enzo Zakari
Geovanny Villalobos
Janice Tuch
Jeremy Tuazon
Landon Tuch
Mosies Conejo
Pamela Faller
Ryan Gonzales
Ryan Cantos
Sean Sinor
Tony Shaheen
Valerie Hanna
William Francisco
Zachary Sinor

Bowlers bowling on Sunday 9am – 3/24/19

Aaron Calica
Zane Piper

Attire:  Please wear your yellow Jewel City Junior Jersey’s with dark bottoms.  If you don’t have a jersey, you can use a black collar shirt.

Bowl good everyone!!

Coach UBuild Lenon

2019 State Tournament Sign Ups

208 0 02 Mar 2019

Hi Parents and Junior Bowlers...


Please fill out the form below even if your ARE NOT participating in this year's 2019 State Tournament. Click the link to see date, times, and location of the tournament. The league will pay for 1 night stay in the hotel and tournament entry fee for all junior bowlers. All we ask if for all families to participate in all of our fundraisers.

Parents, we need a lot of help with ideas and organization of current and future fundraisers. Feel free to start a fundraiser on our behalf. I will support you in any way possible. Making gift baskets really help (thanks Melissa). Any questions or suggestions, you can contact me directly at [email protected].


We are having issue finding hotels in the area due to the recent fire. Any suggestions will really help!



BUENA LANES, 1788 S Mesa Verde Ave,
Ventura, CA 93003,

MARCH 23 or 24, 2019 at Sat 12pm (Sun 9am for Zane and ?Aaron) - please get there by 11am to check in.

If you're not bowling, FYI... it's a bye that week.

List of Participants:

Aaron Calica - GOING - PAID - 9am Sun
Alan Gonzales - GOING - PAID - 12pm
Alex Nehme - GOING - PAID - 12pm
Alexandra Rodriguez - GOING - PAID - 12pm
Anand Guruji - GOING - PAID - 12pm
Andrew Ramirez - GOING - PAID* - 12pm
Angel Moran - GOING - PAID - 12pm
Alan Gonzalez - GOING - PAID - 12pm
Angelo Gonzalez - GOING - PAID - 12pm
Antonio Rodriguez - GOING - PAID - 12pm
Ben Dinenberg - GOING - PAID - 12pm
Bryan Gonzales - GOING - PAID - 12pm
Dakota Degracia - GOING - PAID - 12pm
Enzo Zakari - GOING - PAID - 12pm
Geovanny Villalobos - GOING - PAID - 12pm
Janice Tuch - GOING - PAID - 12pm
Jeremy Tuazon - GOING - PAID - 12pm
Landon Tuch - GOING - PAID - 12pm
Mosies Conejo - GOING - PAID - 12pm
Pamela Faller - GOING - PAID - 12pm
Ryan Gonzales - GOING - PAID* - 12pm
Ryan Cantos - GOING - PAID - 12pm
Sean Sinor - GOING - PAID - 12pm
Tony Shaheen - GOING - PAID - 12pm
Valerie Hanna - GOING - PAID - 12pm
William Francisco - GOING - PAID - 12pm
Zachary Sinor - GOING - PAID - 12pm
Zane Piper - GOING - PAID - 9am

Coach UBuild Lenon