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2019 Pepsi Tournament Last Call

102 0 08 Feb 2019

Hi Parents and Junior Bowlers,

Here’s some quick important announcements:

- ATTN:  Pepsi Tournament Participants!  Tournament Fees are due 2/9/19  More info here: https://www.jewelcityjuniors.com/2019-pepsi-tournament/ (list of all participants listed on the website, fees, location, etc., click the link)

- If you would like to participate in this year’s 2019 Pepsi Tournament, let me know ASAP.  A lot of qualifiers have yet to confirm participation.


Aaron Calica - GOING - PAID - 9am Sun
Alan Gonzales - GOING - PAID - 12pm
Alex Nehme - GOING *
Alexandra Rodriguez - GOING - PAID - 12pm
Anand Guruji - GOING - PAID
Andrew Ramirez - GOING - PAID - 12pm *
Angel Moran - GOING - PAID - 12pm
Alan Gonzalez - GOING - PAID - 12pm
Angelo Gonzalez - GOING - PAID - 12pm
Antonio Rodriguez - GOING - PAID - 12pm
Ben Dinenberg - GOING - PAID - 12pm
Bryan Gonzales - GOING - PAID - 12pm
Dakota Degracia - GOING - PAID - 12pm
Enzo Zakari - GOING - PAID - 12pm
Geovanny Villalobos - GOING - PAID - 12pm
Janice Tuch - GOING - PAID - 12pm
Jeremy Tuazon - GOING - PAID - 12pm
Landon Tuch - GOING - PAID - 12pm
Mosies Conejo - GOING - PAID - 12pm
Pamela Faller - GOING - PAID - 12pm
Ryan Gonzales - GOING * - 12pm
Ryan Cantos - GOING * - 12pm
Sean Sinor - GOING - PAID - 12pm
Tony Shaheen - GOING - PAID - 12pm
Valerie Hanna - GOING - * 12pm
William Francisco - GOING - PAID - 12pm
Zachary Sinor - GOING - PAID - 12pm
Zane Piper - GOING - PAID - 9am Sun


- Annual Goodwill Donation Drive is scheduled for April 27th, 2019, volunteers needed, start gathering items to donate.

- Monthly BAB Scholarship Tournament update, here’s our January winners:

1st - Clifford Baultzar - $250

2nd - Andrew Olango - $150

3rd - Danielle Alejandro - $125

4th - Nicholas Ananyan - $115

5th - Alan Gonzales - $105

6th - Aaron Calica - $95

7th - Janice Tuch - $85

8th - ARule Lenon - $75

This is easy scholarship money guys!  Only $10 entry fee.  Last Sunday's of each month.  February tournament will be at Matador Bowl.  To access scholarships, click this link:  http://usbcongress.http.internapcdn.net/usbcongress/bowl/smart/pdfs/SMARTRecipientFAQ.pdf > you can find this link in our "Resource" tab on the www.jewelcityjuniors.com website.

Any questions, let me know…  See you Saturday!

Coach UBuild

Back Alley Bowling Monthly Junior Tournament

Pepsi Tournament Qualifiers Please Confirm Participation

138 0 26 Jan 2019

Hi Parents and Junior Bowlers,

Here is the list of qualifiers for Pepsi Tournament:

Aaron Calica
Adreian Olango
Alan Gonzales
Alex Nehme
Alexandra Rodriguez
Anand Guruji
Andrew Hain
Andrew Olango
Andrew Ramirez – GOING
Angel Moran
Angelo Gonzalez
Antonio Rodriguez
Arule Lenon – NOT GOING
Ben Dinenberg – GOING
Chris Sahagun
Chris Samaha
Christian Hernandez
Dakota De Gracia
Daniel Fritz – NOT GOING
David Kim
Dylan Baer
Enzo Zakari
Eric Schuksta
Geovanny Villalobos
Jeremy Tuazon – GOING
Kelsey Griffin
Kevin Banaag – NOT GOING
Kevin Hand
Marco Vartanian
Matthew Lawrence
Mosies Conejo
Pamela Faller – GOING
Ryan Cantos
Sean Sinor
Shayla Baer
Tony Shaheen
Valerie Hanna
William Francisco
Zachary Sinor
Zane Piper

I need a response from all bowlers/parents regarding participation. You can post here. If you can NOT bowl, please let me know so we can allow the next bowler in line that did not make it the cut to fill the spot. We just ask that the participants are going or planning on attending college to participate. You are bowling for scholarships so if you DO NOT or ARE NOT planning on going to college, please allow others to bowl for the scholarship funds. If your name is not on the list, let me know so I can put you on the waiting list. We already have a few spots open. Below is the tournament information:


Entry Fee (See Item 9 for Entry Fee Breakdown – click the link above, note… we are in District #4, starts on page 10):

Division U8 & U10 = $26

Division U12, U15 and U20 = $30


District #5 Finals competition will take place on MARCH 23-24, 2019 at Sat 12pm & 4pm; Sun 9am.

BUENA LANES, 1788 S Mesa Verde Ave, Ventura, CA 93003, 805-656-0666

We will be collecting Entry fees next week Feb 2nd. Please have your entry fee ready!

You’ll find all the info on the PDF, click link above for more info. (Dress Code, Format, Division info etc. We are District #5 so read that section only, starts on Page 10)

If we don’t hear from you, we will give your spot to someone else. This info will be posted in our FB Group, on the www.jewelcityjuniors.com website and announcements are and made at the bowling center.

Side Note: If you are not getting my emails, it’s because you need to “whitelist” or save my email address so I don’t end up in your SPAM inbox. A lot of my emails sent are bouncing back.

Any questions, feel free to contact me any time.

Coach UBuild Lenon

PS. Our Monthly Back Alley Youth Scholarship Tournament starts tomorrow, 1/26/19. Every last Sunday of the Month we’re handing out $1000 worth of scholarships. Entry fee $10, practice starts at 10am sharp. Get there early to sign up. Paying 8 spots, 1st place $250, 8th place $75. Guys… It’s basically free money!!! Oh and we alternate each month. This month is Jewel City Bowl, next month it will be at Matador.

To access scholarship funds, click on this link: http://usbcongress.http.internapcdn.net/usbcongress/bowl/smart/pdfs/SMARTRecipientFAQ.pdf


Back Alley Bowling Monthly Scholarship Tournament for Junior Bowlers

118 0 04 Jan 2019

We’re now holding monthly tournaments for the juniors where they can win scholarship money each month.

  • First tournament will be held on Sunday, Jan 27th 2019 (and will continue each month on the last Sunday of the month)
  • We start at 10am, check in is at 9am.
  • $10 entry fee.
  • These tournaments are specifically for Back Alley Bowling Juniors only.


Back Alley Bowling Monthly Junior Tournament
Back Alley Bowling Monthly Junior Tournament